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Our Icon Logo Explained

Learn about our All Saints Logo and how it represent local saints, saints exemplifying repentance, apostolic saints, martyred saints, and protectors and guardians.

The bottom row represents our local saints: Peter the Aleut, Sebastian of Jackson, and John the Wonderworker—those who have walked the ground that we now walk, who continue to teach us by their examples how to live holy lives and who intercede for us.

The two saints in the center of the middle row, Saints Mary of Egypt and Moses the Black, are two of the greatest examples of
living in repentance after a lifetime of great sinfulness.

They are flanked by Saints Nicholas of Japan and Nina of Georgia, two great
apostolic saints who were forerunners and took the Kingdom of God where it was not yet established. Both of them went to lands not their own, where they did not know the language or culture, yet willing to be obedient and give up everything they had known for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

In the top row we have two
martyred saints: St. Elizabeth the New Martyr and St. Mitrophan of the Boxer Rebellion. These saints remind us to walk the path of Christ, to follow Him even into death so that we can follow Him likewise into Resurrection.

Last but not least,  St. Genevieve of Paris represents saints who act as our
guardians and protectors. By her prayers, St. Genevieve single-handedly pushed back the Barbarian hordes and saved the entire city of Paris, making her the Patroness and Protectress of the city.

May these saints and all the saints that adorn our walls with their holy icons pray for us, that we may obtain the same spirit of repentance and faith that each of them had. Amen.


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